Our Process

Accounting Wizards will provide the services that best meet your needs. 

Clients with in-house accounting staff:

We have some clients with in-house accounting staff and we provide whatever level of help they might need.  For example, we may help with payroll tax deposits and returns, we might perform bank reconciliations, or we might simply review the general ledger and balance sheet to ensure that the reports are accurate.  We might also help with establishing specific office or accounting procedures based on our experience with many different companies and our knowledge of what works.

Clients who choose to outsource:

Some clients choose to outsource some or all of their accounting process to us.  Regardless of which type of processing we are doing, (payroll, billing accounts payable, etc.) we receive client data by email, fax or delivery of original documents.  That information is input by our staff into our system.  Each client has a separate company set up on our accounting system and their information is completely independent of other clients.  Checks can be printed either at our location or the client’s and can be signed and mailed by the client.  We also have many clients that utilize direct deposit payroll and electronic payments to vendors.

Accounting is our business

Believe it or not, we like accounting — we’re good at it!

We’ve been doing it for many years and we understand just what it takes to do it the right way.

By outsourcing your accounting needs to us, you will be free to focus on your business. Let us do what we do best, and you can do what you do best.