Construction Accounting

If you are in the Construction Industry you know that you have a whole bunch of accounting issues that are not present in other industries. This is why we’ve devoted a special page to our Construction Accounting Services.

A lot of good contractors go out of business purely because they could never get a handle on their office and accounting procedures. What we generally see is that a small business contractor is a person who has worked in a particular trade for someone else and then decided to start their own business. Now here’s someone that knows how to run a job, but not necessarily run an office. In a lot of cases they don’t even know the right questions to ask to find someone that can help.

Accounting Wizards has many construction clients, both in the residential and commercial fields. We are very well aware of the unique accounting requirements in the Construction Industry.

At Accounting Wizards we have many years experience in construction accounting and the proper accounting software systems to do the job. In addition to all the normal accounting services, we also provide the following to construction clients.

Construction Services Provided:

  • Tracking Costs by Job
  • Tracking Work in Process
  • Union Benefits and Reporting
  • Posting Burdened Labor to Jobs
  • Utilizing Cost Codes
  • Over/Under Billing Calculations
  • Progress Billings
  • Providing Job Cost Reports

an architect's blueprint of a construction worker with hard hat. symbolic photo for funding and planning of a new home.