Why Outsource?

A rich piggy bank with a pile of coins in front of it and his friend wondering why economy is so unfair

Do you have the ability to get accurate accounting reports on a monthly basis? 

Do you have difficulty finding or keeping a good bookkeeper?

Do you have a small business and one single person who is responsible for all of your bookkeeping?

What happens when that person is not there?

Do you think that you are “saving money” by doing the accounting yourself?

Does your accounting system help you manage your business?

Does your CPA or tax preparer clean up your mess when you need a financial statement or tax return?

Does it seem to take months to finalize your year-end financials and tax returns?

Do you worry about back-ups and data loss?

Many times a business is not large enough to justify a full-time professional accountant and the person responsible for bookkeeping lacks the knowledge to generate accurate financial statements. Companies in this situation generally rely on their CPA firm or tax preparer for financial information. In some cases financial statements might not be issued until months after the end of the period to which they relate.

By outsourcing to Accounting Wizards you receive the benefits of a professional accounting staff, without the expense. In addition to being able to produce accurate financial reports on a timely basis, you can also take advantage of our expertise with regard to more effectively running your business. All this; and the peace of mind in knowing that there are multiple people that know and understand your accounting system.
Over the years we’ve seen all kinds of companies with all kinds of bookkeeping problems, but the general theme is the same:

Bookkeeping Problems = Owner Pain

The solution to the pain is better bookkeeping and that’s where we come in. Let us focus on the accounting and you can get back to focusing on your business.